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First of all I wanted to thank you for the open days and the Live webcast events, I took part in both and enjoyed them a lot.


Merci beaucoup encore pour cette belle soirée!


Thanks again for a great event and all the hard work you all put into it. It was fascinating and very inspiring. It brings me a lot of hope that we can and will continue to discover amazing things, that we can collaborate on a massive scale to do so and we will all become, as a human race, a little wiser each time we discover something new. Congratulations to all at CERN

Best wishes,


Hi Origins Staff,

I filled in the questionnaire. Let me add that I particularly liked the fact that you used twitter and that you organized a tweet up. I hadn’t registered for it but I still had the chance to tweet a lot that evening. I have just moved and think I will miss this kind of CERN events.

Best wishes,

Valeria (Heidelberg)

Many thanks for such a wonderful event!

Thanks again (and best wishes to the team),

Mark (United Kingdom)

Dear Origins Team,

First of all, congratulations for the Nobel. For me, CERN, as a team, is also a recipient.

The Origins night was great, a smorgasbord of scientists. My two biggest favourites were the dynamic duo of Ms Gianotti and Mr Incandela.

But I could name a dozen more scientists who made an impact on me, but if I have to pick one more theme: it was the Planck experiment. I really learnt a lot about it.

Thank you once again for your wonderful work. We truly, truly enjoyed all of it.

All the best,

Aniko (Budapest, Hungary)

Dear Giulia, dear Origins-Team,

Thank you and all the volunteers for the great event !

The organization was perfect, congratulations !

I spent a great time with the researchers in my speed dates (the last one lasted over an hour -together with 2 other visitors !) and at the live webcast, and the whole atmosphere was so positive. All the people seemed to smile at one another ! :)

I hope I will have the chance to come back for the next Origins-night in 2014 !

happy greetings from Vienna,


Hello Giulia,

Many, many thanks to all at Origins for a wonderful event. I’m not a scientist, let alone a physicist, but have always been a curious person, and I was very curious indeed about the work at CERN! The evening event was so suitable for people like me, that is, educated non-specialists. The experts who so generously gave their time for this event were just amazing, explaining complex ideas in a way that we could grasp. The presenter / anchor-woman did a fantastic job, too. All in all, it was such an enjoyable evening, and I learned so much.

Lynda (United Kingdom)


Just to say how brilliant I thought the Origins event was. Interesting, well organised and so much information. The anchorwoman did a great job and it was very informative .

I am not a researcher , not even a scientist but just a layman who stumbled across it but I learnt a lot and saw so many interesting things.

Well done

Patrick (London)


Thank you for organizing this event.

I have just completed the survey by evaluating a whole event as Excellent!