About Origins

Origins 2013 - a European Researchers’ Night event

Friday September 27 2013, in Paris, Geneva and Bologna


Featuring the scientific breakthroughs of the century and the scientists behind them

July 2012: CERN announced the discovery of a new particle, confirmed to be the Higgs boson this year, responsible for the origin of particles’ mass.
March 2013: the unprecedented resolution provided by the instruments installed onboard ESA’s Planck satellite, has revealed unexpected fluctuations in the temperature distribution of the primordial radiation of the Big Bang, providing an unprecedented insight into the origins of our Universe and a new picture of its composition today. Planck is painting a new picture of the Universe that is pushing the limits of understanding current cosmological theories.

Telling the story of our Origins, from a sudden expansion of space, 13.7 billion years ago

Thanks to these discoveries, researchers have made progress towards solving some of the most profound mysteries of the Universe we live in. With Origins we want to celebrate the thousands of researchers who are finally harvesting the fruit of their research with such amazing achievements.

ORIGINS 2013: the two infinites have never been so close

based on an original idea by Marie-Odile Monchicourt and Michel Spiro